Topic: Which is better: 'mail user' or 'employee'?

Hi, all.

Just want to know which is clearer and easier to understand:

  • 'mail user' or 'employee'?

  • 'mail list' or 'department'?

Who will create new mail user with mail server admin panel? IT manager or colleagues of HR depeartment?
Will colleagues of HR department know what 'mail user', 'mail list', 'alias' mean?

We need your suggestion smile


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Re: Which is better: 'mail user' or 'employee'?

I'd go with "mail user" and "mailing list". The one who creates new mail users or mailing lists is some IT authority within a group/company ... who ever that is in particular, does not matter much I think.


Re: Which is better: 'mail user' or 'employee'?

mail user - mail list ; b/c iRedMail can be used in a company with employes, or in a company with clients...