Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro global admin minor problems


We noticed these two bugs. They are no way near critical and I dont think the fixes are difficult.

As a global admin, using search to find an admin user. In the results the link to "Edit account profile" will link to the user/mail account and not the admin. (/iredadmin/profile/user/general/<mail> and not /iredadmin/profile/admin/general/<mail>)

When viewing domains activities for a specific domain as a global admin, the tab with Quarantined Mails /iredadmin/activities/quarantined/domain/<domain> it will show quarantined mails for all domains. (Same as /iredadmin/activities/quarantined)

==== Provide basic information to help troubleshoot and get quick answer ====
- iRedMail version: 7.3
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Debian Squeeze
- Any related log? Log is helpful for troubleshooting.


Re: iRedAdmin-Pro global admin minor problems

Hi @mmh,

Thanks for your feedback. I sent you patch to fix these two issues via email moment ago, could you help test it? smile


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