Topic: External content scanner and statistics


We're using external content scanner to filter our spam and viruses. Amavis on
iRedMail server is disabled and not used. Now it seems that it was responsible for
generating statistics.

Is there easy solution to have statistics generated but also use external amavis-scanner.

Centos 6.2
Latest stable iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL
Latest stable iRedMail


Re: External content scanner and statistics

is it still an Amavisd server on your external spam gateway server? If so, you can:

1) Enable MySQL integration in Amavisd to log all infomation of incoming/outgoing emails. Reference: http://iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?titl … in.Amavisd
2) Enable Amavisd integration in iRedAdmin-Pro to view statistics. If you need other statistics which not implemented in iRedAdmin-Pro, please ask in this forum.


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