Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro, Postfix and configuration files

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Hi I have just installed the latest version of iRedAmin-Pro and I was trying to configure postfix in order to let users from my networks (e.g. to send emails via smtp.
Those users do not have an account, they have their mail clients set with "smtp.mydomain.com". The point is that, in a normal environment I would go into the /etc/postfix/main.cf file and add those networks, but... (and this is the question):

should I simply modify the main.cf file or it will be overwritten next time I change somethingin iRedAdmin?
is there any other file for "manual customization" or I can simply start modifying that file?

I have this doubt because I see that something changed the main.cf file so I was wondering if I should keep it as it is and put some customization in some $includeme file.

Thank you


Re: iRedAdmin-Pro, Postfix and configuration files

iRedAdmin(-Pro) won't touch files on file system, so you can modify the main.cf file if you want.


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