Topic: New install: Beta or stable ?


i am just installing my new server (Freebsd 8.2) to set up my new mail/web backend.

I want to use iredmail, but i am not quite sure which package to use.
(Mysql as Backend)

Latext beta release to get the latest roundcube... or just installing the stable release and update later manually to latest roundcube or even to the 0.8 stable release ?

What is "best practice" ?

Another point: If i want to get one component to a higher level (for example mysql)... is ist possible to upgrade only mysql to a newer version,or will this break iredmail ?

Thnx in advance==== Provide required information to help troubleshoot and get quick answer ====
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version:
- iRedMail version and backend (LDAP/MySQL):
- Any related log? Log is helpful for troubleshooting.


Re: New install: Beta or stable ?

- It's recommended to install iRedMail stable release for production use.
- Upgrading components separately should be fine.


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Re: New install: Beta or stable ?

Thnx for the fast reply! I will give the stable release a try.