Topic: Please help my mail arrive as spam

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- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: DEBIAN 6
- iRedMail version and backend (LDAP/MySQL): LDAP
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Hi, I'm new to mail servers, but because I could make my IREDADMIN own mail server, I can send and receive emails as normal with some domains, but hotmail, yahoo, gmail, I get sent to spam, I that is x the spf, I think one for my domain, which is as follows:
DOMINIO.org.           3600    IN      TXT     "v=spf1 mx mx:mail.DOMINIO.org -all"
my question is where I put it and if this be wanting something better or more for mail normally arrives

thank you very much for the help


Re: Please help my mail arrive as spam

you can find some useful info in this topic http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic2935 … -spam.html