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I just installed iRedmail 0.7.3 and I'm having some difficulties when I create subfolders in roundcube.
In roundcube I get error message when I try to create a subfolder. Creating folders works, just not subfolders. The error message is "the message could not be saved"?

I can create subfolders in thunderbird and the subfolders will work perfectly from thunderbird but in roundcube they will show up as mainfolder.subfolder

Someone with a solution?


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I solved the problem big_smile

The old version of iredmail used a "." as delimiter in the roundcube config.
The new version used a "\".


When I migrated the old data all folders had a "." delimiter.

After I changed the imap_delimiter to "." everything works just perfect.

Thanks for reading!

Johan Skott


Re: [SOLVED] Create subfolders

Hi Johan,
I had the same problem, thanks for sharing your solution!


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Re: [SOLVED] Create subfolders

Thanks, this is very important. This should be included in next release or fixed even now.