Topic: How do you alias domains?

I have 3-4 domains, foobar.org,.net, .us.. etc.  all pointing to one foobar.com  Is that possible, if so how do you configure such a thing?



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Re: How do you alias domains?

How about 'per-user shadow address' in iRedMail?
http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic197- … ution.html

You can host several mail domains with all users under foobar.com, but users have their own shadow addresses. For example:

dn: mail=user@foobar.com,ou=Users,domainName=foobar.com,o=domains,dc=iredmail,dc=org
mail: user@foobar.com
shadowAddress: user@foobar.net
shadowAddress: user@foobar.us
shadowAddress: user@foobar.org

All mails sent to user@foobar.[com, net, us, org] will go to the same mailbox (user@foobar.com).


Re: How do you alias domains?

You can refer to this new topic:

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