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Topic: Problem with php in /var/www

Hello all ! Today i install new version of ireadmail and all work good.But i have webpage and i need upload to /var/www.I delete index.html drop inside info.php and not working.White screen , blank page.How i can fix it?

for mee god is http://mywebpage.com/webmail and its work ! redirect to https:// but i need my webpage on /var/www with php suport sad

sorry 4 my bad english.

updated :

i go to etc/php5/apache2 and i see 2 php ini files i delete php.ini and rename php.ini.2012. to php.ini and now its work.but its ok? its not dangerous or maby this make mistake with webmail?


Re: Problem with php in /var/www

Sounds weird. Because Roundcube webmail is written in PHP.


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