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Topic: Success Stories

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- iRedMail PGSQL:
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Centos 6.2 x64
- iRedMail 8.0

I found a way to contribute to the success of iRedMail telling my story:
I was asked at work to configure the mail server name. I spent a few days racking my brain, because I had to integrate the services of antivirus, antispam etc ... in the same email. In addition to looking in the error logs that have integrated services.

Searching the internet I found the solution to my problems kkk. The iRedMail brought an email solution ajudanto very advanced and integrated perfectly with my need.

At the beginning, there were few problems in adapting. More works perfectly.
I appreciate the help of the team's website that took me several questions.

I will always recommend this great tool.

Carlos Eduardo
Natal / RN - BR


Re: Success Stories

Dear kadu137,

Thanks very much for your sharing. It does help a lot. smile


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