Topic: [FAQ] How to track user last login data (ip, date, mail protocol).

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How to Track User Last Login Date and IP Address



Tracking operation MAY cause PERFORMANCE ISSUE on a BUSY server
due to frequently update the SQL database/LDAP directory server, AND
roundcube webmail will automatic check users' mailbox via IMAP protocol


This tutorial is written for Dovecot-1.x. If you have Dovecot-2.x running, please refer to official tutorial.

Modify dovecot.conf, add 'mail_executable' in protocol imap and/or pop3
    protocol imap {
        mail_executable = /usr/bin/trackLastLogin.sh imap

    protocol pop3 {
        mail_executable = /usr/bin/trackLastLogin.sh pop3
Download samples/trackLastLogin.sh, copy to /usr/bin/trackLastLogin.sh, set correct owner and permission.
# wget http://iredmail.googlecode.com/hg/extra/trackLastLogin.sh
# mv -i trackLastLogin.sh /usr/bin/
# chown root:root /usr/bin/trackLastLogin.sh
# chmod 0755 /usr/bin/trackLastLogin.sh
Open /usr/bin/trackLastLogin.sh, choose your preferred update method.

Currently, it supports updating user last login data to plain text, MySQL database and OpenLDAP directory server.

  • For plain text, user 'dovecot' must have write privilege on the log file.

  • For MySQL database, you must specify correct mysql user and password, this mysql user should have SELECT and UPDATE privilege.

  • For LDAP server, you must specify correct URI, bind dn and password, this bind dn should have write privilege.



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