Topic: Weird directory structure

I recently work for a new company named I-Company, and they have asked me to built a new mail server and migrate.
So i am planning to do iRedmail + iRedAdmin Pro.But there is something i am worried about.
The directory structure under /home/vmail/vmail1 is somewhat weird.
For instance lets say i have a domain icompany.nl and 1 mail box named test@icompany.nl
But under my directory structure this is what happends
[root@mail vmail1]# cd icompany.nl/
[root@mail icompany.nl]# ls -la
total 12
drwx------. 3 vmail vmail 4096 Jul 16 11:43 .
drwx------. 4 vmail vmail 4096 Jul 16 15:22 ..
drwx------. 3 vmail vmail 4096 Jul 16 11:43 t
[root@mail icompany.nl]# ls t
[root@mail icompany.nl]# ls t/e
[root@mail icompany.nl]# ls t/e/s

Is this normal behavior ? if yes .. why is this ?

Thanks in advance


Re: Weird directory structure

It's normal, used to avoid too many files/directories under same directory, slightly speed up kernel index.

To avoid this maildir style, please update below parameters in file libs/settings.py of iRedAdmin-Pro:


Set both to False will give you a maildir path like below:



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