Topic: What's new in iRedMail: it now works on openSUSE-12.2 (Mantis)

Dear all,

With last commit, iRedMail now works on openSUSE-12.2-RC1 (code name Mantis), with all backends available: OpenLDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Tested with openSUSE-12.2-RC1, of course it will work on the final release when it's available.

Still need some time to rebuild RPMs of cluebringer (a.k.a. Policyd v2) for openSUSE i586 platform.

iRedAdmin was improved too. You can now mark mail user as domain admin, no separate admin account is required.

Ubuntu-12.10 alpha3 has a bug which causes php5-imap cannot be installed, so we have to wait for next release.

Stay tuned. smile

Zhang Huangbin