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My installation (on CentOS 5.4) works without out a hitch, except somehow my postfix admin only works in HTTP only. In HTTPS, it gives a 404. I thought this was weird since the notes say it would be set up opposite (working in SSL and not HTTP).

I did, however, replace the SSL key and cert with my own, but doubt this has anything to do with it. My SSL certs are working for phpmyadmin and applications.

Also would like to note that I only chose to install postfix from the list, since I didn't need webmail had phpmyadmin pre-installed.

Any idea why postfix admin won't work in SSL?


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

Could you please paste the last few lines of /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf? and /etc/httpd/conf.d/postfixadmin.conf


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Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

Ok, it works now after I rebooted the server. I did try restarting the httpd process but that didn't solve it until I rebooted, which was odd.

However, after rebooting, my SMTP works, but my IMAP and POP3 don't.

Is this because I have yet to set up SPF and DKIM records?

Are those records required for imap/pop3 to work? I did select them in the installation, just want to make sure.


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

the imap and the pop access no required the dns setting.

check you pop and imap setting, make sure

the user name is  www@domain.com , not www


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

The user name is correct, it all worked before I rebooted. Some config loaded differently apparently just not sure what.


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

you need check the dovecot log.


 mail_debug = yes,

restart the dovecot and check the log.


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

Sweet thanks man.

The problem was I didn't change the SSL cert references in the dovecot.conf to the new ones I generated. Imap and pop3 work great now, thanks.


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

Hmm well one small issue still involving SSL cert. I can't find which file the cert is referenced at for postfix. The error doesn't specify.

Also would be nice if there was a list of each file that references the cert/key files. Would be good to add to the FAQ for people that want to generate there own certs and keys.


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL

Ok found it for postfix. It is: etc/postfix/main.cf

I've modified cert/key references for http, dovecot and postifx.

Is there any other references?


Re: PostFix Admin & SSL


http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic382- … tname.html

check it.