Topic: Greylisting - domain vs. subdomain


I have a small problem. By what I see, greylisting is done on a per-subdomain basis. But that causes me some problems with a 3rd party hosting company which tries to send the same mail from different subdomains, so the greylist doesn't get validated.

For example, first try from gateway02.websitewelcome.com, second try from gateway31.websitewelcome.com and so on.

Can I enable greylisting validation on a per-domain basis, (for the entire domain gwebsitewelcome.com) instead of its subdomains?

Thank you.


Re: Greylisting - domain vs. subdomain

Reference: http://policyd.sourceforge.net/readme.html


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Re: Greylisting - domain vs. subdomain

OK, let me rephrase this... tongue

I already activated whitelist for "%.websitewelcome.com" in policyd, table "whitelist_dnsname". I also set "WHITELISTDNSNAME=1" in policyd.conf and restarted policyd services, but it isn't working. Now what? I already read the 2 documents about policyd and greylisting, but I didn't found what I needed there. Any ideas?


Re: Greylisting - domain vs. subdomain

I've solved the issue (kinda) by deactivating greylisting entirely for that domain. I wish policyd had an option to make greylisting work domain-based instead of sub-domain based. Well, that's life, more spam to come.