Topic: New password schemes support in iRedAdmin: SSHA, SSHA512.

Dear all,

New release of iRedAdmin (both open source edition and iRedAdmin-Pro) supports two new password schemes for MySQL and PostgreSQL backends: SSHA, SSHA512. Currently, MD5 is the default password scheme for MySQL/PostgreSQL backends (SSHA for OpenLDAP) in iRedMail. You can set SQL_DEFAULT_PASSWD_SCHEME = 'SSHA512' in iRedAdmin config file (libs/settings.py or libs/settings_local.py (recommended)) so that new users' passwords will be hashed with SSHA512.

Sample passwords:

  • SSHA: {SSHA}bfxqKqOOKODJw/bGqMo54f9Q/iOvQoftOQrqWA==

  • SSHA512: {SSHA512}FxgXDhBVYmTqoboW+ibyyzPv/wGG7y4VJtuHWrx+wfqrs/lIH2Qxn2eA0jygXtBhMvRi7GNFmL++6aAZ0kXpcy1fxag=


  • SSHA512 requires Dovecot-2.0 (or later) and Python-2.5 (or later).

  • SSHA512 requires more CPU from your server, which means it will slightly (maybe huge, depends on how many active users you are serving) slow down user authentication (IMAP/POP3/SMTP authentication).