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As anybody managed to get forwarding to work AND deliver to the original mailbox with an LDAP base?

I have tried setting mailForwardingAddress in the users dn, this forwards mail but does not deliver to the original mailbox. I created an alias but this does the same, I even tried adding the original address to the alias and whilst the alias address gets delivered, the mail still doesn't get delivered to the original mailbox.

Is what I trying to do possible and if so, can anyone help me out and tell me how to do it?


Re: forwarding & keeping mail

no need create alias.

for example, user1@example.com setting forward in roundcube.

you just need add the user1@example.com in forward setting, the email would keep a copy in user mail box.


Re: forwarding & keeping mail

Thanks for your reply, but that is not what I need, perhaps I should have been  a bit clearer. At the moment we are using Mdeamon and with this you can forward all the mail that comes in to a mailbox to another mailbox and still deliver it to the original mailbox.
Why would you want to do this? at least two reasons, as far as I am concerned':

1) to send it to an external mailbox (Gmail) which then pushes it to a mobile phone
2) our sales staff keep going off for extended breaks (holidays etc), whilst they are away anything urgent still needs to be dealt with, others can wait until they get back.

So, as you can see, the user is not available to forward mail themselves it must be automatic.


Re: forwarding & keeping mail

a fairly simple method would be to use something like fetchmail.  It can be configured to get mail form any number of mailboxes, forward (to any number of mailboxes) and either leave or remove from the original mailbox.


Re: forwarding & keeping mail

doh! I never knew that you could use Fetchmail to actually send mail as well. Just goes to show, RTFM ;-)