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only posting this because it was one of those annoying problems which somehow had me stumped for ages and im not sure if its default behaviour or not...

my maildir folders which reside in /var/vmail/vmail1/ were not being created until either;

- i logged in to roundcube for the first time (having already created the account)
- i recieved an email to the account

because i was setting this up to import old accounts from another server i had no cause to login immediately after creation and i chased my tail for hours messing about with dovecot and folder permissions.

is this default bahaviour or does it sound like i have something misconfigured?


Re: maildir folder creation

Mailboxes will be created (by Dovecot) automatically while user logging via IMAP or POP3.


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Re: maildir folder creation

Hi bw1984,
I have had the same problem.
My workaround: I sent info about migration into each new mailbox, the directories were created immediatelly.


Re: maildir folder creation

good idea that actually, its been an absolute nightmare migrating accounts from server to server and keeping all the old folders and mails intact.