Topic: HowTo available for iRedMail? "Passive" MailServer

==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: latest available
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL preferred
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: FreeBSD 9.1
- Related log if you're reporting an issue:  None

Mail Server has no MX Record !
All Mails from Internet are fetched via Pop3 (e.g. Fetchmail)
Senderbased Mailrouting (domainbased Routing) for outgoing mail is mandatory
The real Mail Adresses are from several Domains (4 own Domains Plus several Mail Adresses @gmx.de, Arcor.de a.s.o.)



Re: HowTo available for iRedMail? "Passive" MailServer

Sorry, i don't quite understand your questions. sad

*) About "passive" mail server, do you mean backup mx?

Digi-Quick wrote:

All Mails from Internet are fetched via Pop3 (e.g. Fetchmail)

search "fetchmail" in our forum please.

Digi-Quick wrote:

Senderbased Mailrouting (domainbased Routing) for outgoing mail is mandatory

maybe this helps: http://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html# … sport_maps


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Re: HowTo available for iRedMail? "Passive" MailServer

It's meant as local Mailserver wich is not reachable from the internet (No MX record)
It Receives, and sends mail like a mail client, but has multiuser access nstead of single user access of a mail client

I have installed Mail@work
The server is fetching mails via Pop3 from 3 Mail Accounts @ my internetdomain and stores them to 3 local Mailboxes, additionally it receves Mails via Pop 3 from my gmx mail Account and stotres them to another local Mailbox.
All local mailboxes are served locally via IMAP to any local mail client
sending mail from a Mailclient are routet to the approniate SMTP Server @ my internetdomain or to gmx

one of my local Mailaccont is named Digi-Quick (no local or virtual Maildomain applied, becuase specially not permitted by Mail@work if used as local Mailserver)
The local Mailaccount maps to the real Mailadress "info(at)digi-quick.de"


Re: HowTo available for iRedMail? "Passive" MailServer

It seems that it's better to stay on windows than changingig to unixoid system.
I had no Problem to set Up a "mercury Mail system", a "Mail@work" and a "hmailserver" as "passive" Mailsystem with several local mailboxes each assigned to a public e-mail adress withot a public MX Entry or MX Lookup.
sending mails via Relayhosts (according to senders public e-mail adress - sender based routing) retrieving mails via Pop3, supplying mails to the Cliants via IMAP.

In other Words:
To the internet (WAN) the Mail Server acts like a mail client with many Mailboxes
internal (LAN and VPN) the Mailserver acts as Mailserver to the clients

I found many  "How To's" stetting up a mail server, but only one for nearly this behavior and this "how to" was for a Synology NAS (http://www.synology-wiki.de/index.php/Hauptseite) and though not well applicable for me. (I'm a german).


Re: HowTo available for iRedMail? "Passive" MailServer

Hi Digi-Quick,

I have such a setup running in two cases.
(with no problems - runs just fine)

The iRedMail server uses fetchmail to receive mails from an external MX (at the provider).
(This only required fetchmail to be installed and configured)

The iRedMail also uses a SMTP client connection back to the MX to send mails.
(This is necessary, as without that such a 'local' mailserver (not listed in the MX record) would be
treated like a zombie PC of a spammer by many recipients (and blocked))

If you still/again consider using iRedMail I can post you some hints for setup
(Or create a mini HOWTO for a local mailserver)

I also use an iRedMail  based local mailserver (in a DMZ) to serve a few Android mobilephones via
IMAP IDLE (standard conform push functionality). This also works very fine (using K9 on the android devices)

Best Regards from Vienna,


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Re: HowTo available for iRedMail? "Passive" MailServer

Hello Marcovaldo,
I would really appreciate a "mini How To" and Hints.
I read many Tutorials / How To's, but most of them were for tru MX-Mailservers.
the synology wiki has no virtual Mail Users - as far as I see (each mail User is a system User).
Currently I'm not able to combine the several Infos I found on the net (some in german, most in englisch).

sorry for my englisch, I'm a native german speaker (and try to minimize the use of "google translate")

P.S. sehe gerade, daß du in Wien sitzt, somit wäre deutsch kein Problem - zumindest für mich (eher für die anderen) :-)

Was ich schon hinbekommen hatte, war das senden von emails via Standard Mail Relay (wobei ich auch da erstmal rausfinden musste, daß es nicht reicht die Zugangsdaten zum SMTP Mail Relay anzugeben, sondern man muss Postfix auch anweisen diese zu nutzen)
FROM und REPLY TO hatte ich aber im Mailer (Thunderbird) direkt konfiguriert - über Roundcube ging das nicht - würde aber als Workaround reichen, da wir eh keinen Webmailer brauchen.


Re: HowTo available for iRedMail? "Passive" MailServer

OK, finally it seems to be better I stick on Windows and h-mail server or mercury-mailsystem, both are freeware.

I buried the plan to change the mai-system to an OSS (Free-BSD preferred)
I spent about 150 hours on this !

On Mercury-Mailsystem, h-mail-server and mail@work it took about 2 hours each on installation and simple test configuration.
"Time is money, and I don't have enough money°!"