Topic: Hotfix for iRedAPD-1.4.0: Incorrect LDAP attribute in iRedAPD plugin

Issue description

There's an typo error in iRedAPD plugin /opt/iRedAPD-1.4.0/plugins/ldap_recipient_restrictions.py, it will cause per-user black/whitelist doesn't work.

Impacted iRedMail versions

All iRedMail versions which runs OpenLDAP backend, and upgraded iRedAPD to the latest 1.4.0.

Impacted iRedAPD versions
  • iRedAPD-1.4.0. You can find iRedAPD version number in file /opt/iredapd/libs/__init__.py.


  • All uses who installed iRedMail-0.8.4 which ships iRedAPD-1.4.0 before Apr 13, 2013 should apply this hotfix.

  • All users who upgraded iRedAPD to the latest 1.4.0 should apply this hotfix.

  • We re-packed iRedMail-0.8.4 on Apr 13, 2013, so there's no need to fix it if you downloaded iRedMail-0.8.4 after that day, which means you can safely ignore this hotfix.

Impacted Linux/BSD distributions

It impacts all LINUX/BSD distributions supported by iRedMail.

How to fix it

Please fix it manually by following below steps:

  • Open /opt/iredapd/plugins/ldap_recipient_restrictions.py with your favorite text editor (e.g. vi, vim, emacs), find below line:

SENDER_SEARCH_ATTRLIST = ['mailBlacklistedRecipient', 'mailWhitelistRecipient']

  • Remove characters 'ed' in it (Remove 'ed' in mailBlacklistedRecipient).

SENDER_SEARCH_ATTRLIST = ['mailBlacklistRecipient', 'mailWhitelistRecipient']
  • Restart iRedAPD service.

# /etc/init.d/iredapd restart

*) On FreeBSD, please execute "/usr/local/etc/rc.d/iredapd restart" instead.
*) On OpenBSD, please execute "/etc/rc.d/iredapd restart" instead.

That's all.


All credit goes to our iRedAdmin-Pro customer "Ho Ho" <ho.iredmail _at_ gmail.com>, thanks for the report. smile