Topic: Overquota but which user ?

==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: 0.8.3
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Ubuntu 12.04
- Related log if you're reporting an issue: Your mailbox is now 85% full, please clean up some mails for further incoming mails

I received the log message at the admin account associated to my iredmail.

How do I know which mailbox is in question here ? Which particular domain ? Which particular user ?

Would really appreciate some quick help here.


Re: Overquota but which user ?

The email is sent to the account which is over quota. So if you receive the email it's you account being overfilled.
In case you receive some Cc:'s from other accounts you can doublecheck in the sources of the email (view source in your email client).


Re: Overquota but which user ?

Its not a cc' email but sent directly to postmaster@mydomain.com which serves as an only admin for iredmail admin panel.

There is ample space available for it. e,g I have 2 simple text emails in the account. The roundcube client shows 0 space percent utilization.

The source in my roundcube client shows simply the text version of the the email and nothing special.

I believe its for someother mailbox but there seems to be no way I can find it out in iredmail admin panel. If there is any other solution to this, I will really appreciate some expert input.

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Re: Overquota but which user ?

What is the quota setting for this account?
Can you post headers of the warning email to investigate the original recipient?
Did you check all your folders (also Junk)?

I still think the account in question is the postmaster...


Re: Overquota but which user ?

Thanks a lot for the helping efforts camel1cz.

Oddly enough, the source shows nothing but text.

I have attached a screenshot for better understanding of the problem.

overquota webmail


Re: Overquota but which user ?

Can you show also the headers of the email? Just click on the little arrow on the right and post a new sshot.

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Re: Overquota but which user ?

Yes, the screenshot is already with headers shown. If you look closely at the little arrow, it is in upward direction already.

It just says "From" and "Subject".


Re: Overquota but which user ?

An, sorry - my eyes are not as used to be :-)

So the email was written directly into your mailbox / and it's really about your postmaster account.

But I don't know why was this warning issued - investigate in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf - what is your quota setup? quota_rules and quota_warnings directives? Did you customize it?


Re: Overquota but which user ?

didn't change anything in dovecot.conf. There had been some good odd 116 email log messages but the size of this email box was kept to 100MB via iredadmin. I deleted most of it. Lets wait for a bit more. May be the 116 email messages were comprising of 85% at that time.

How frequently does dovecot reminds of email quota ?

If it comes one more time then there might be some serious issue.


Re: Overquota but which user ?

If you removed some big emails it could be they was the reason of the warning. dovecot fires the warning during email delivery and only once when "just crossing" the quota.


Re: Overquota but which user ?

sami1255 wrote:

How frequently does dovecot reminds of email quota ?

It's not a cron job, it's triggered by the realtime mailbox quota. Search "quota_warning" in dovecot.conf will give you some tips.

Could you please paste file /usr/local/bin/dovecot-quota-warning.sh? REPLACE sensitive info before pasting.
Default dovecot-quota-warning.sh has user email address in mail subject like this:

Subject: Mailbox Quota Warning: 90% full, user@domain.ltd


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