Topic: URGENT: Check SQL backup script to ensure 'vmail' database is there

Dear all,

During upgrading process, we found SQL backup script (/var/vmail/backup/backup_mysql.sh, /var/vmail/backup/backup_pgsql.sh) set up by iRedMail-0.8.4 and earlier versions don't backup "vmail" database which stores all mail accounts. so please check this script on your iRedMail server, make sure you have "vmail" database listed in variable 'DATABASES'.

export DATABASES='... vmail ...'

So sorry about this bug, please fix it immediately.

Affected iRedMail versions and backends

This bug exists in iRedMail-0.8.4 and earlier versions, both MySQL and PostgreSQL backends.

NOTE: This bug was fixed in iRedMail-0.8.5 which released on July 15.