Topic: Auto Reply for a whole domain

Hello all,

I would like to do an autoreply answer for an entire domaine.

I had some troubles on a mail server which is down.
So i put in my registrar another mx entry for backup server adress to point to another iredmail server. Then I added this "new" domaine and 1 "new" mail adress to the backup server, and put a catch-all mail adress that catch all *@domaine.tld to the new adress.

Everything works as expected, except that the auto answer filter works only if i write to the "new" mail adress, all other mails are not treated by auto answer filter.

Any help appreciated :-)

On both servers
Iredmail 1.7.2
Debian squeezy


Re: Auto Reply for a whole domain

if you have only one domain on this server, you can use a global sieve script for this. Search "sieve_global_path" in Dovecot config file please.


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Re: Auto Reply for a whole domain

It will be useful, thx