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Topic: (DNS) Setup help needed.

==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: 0.8.6
- Ubuntu 12.04

I am running iRedMail, I got some error messages during setup but it seems to work fine, I can login to the webmail.

Hey guys, I am trying to run a small mailserver just for myself at home and the thing is that the installation is pretty well documented but not so much what comes around and after that. I guess this is more targeted to system admin who know what they are doing but I have no idea of domain and mail stuff.

In general i very happy that I found iredmail because I was about to give up on setting up my own mailserver, I never imagined that a mailserver is that complicated and actually needs like 10 programs meld together with the right configs.

But is there any place where I can quick learn the basics?
Also I like to know if there is anything should care about or know when hosting a server on a dynamic DNS. There is a provider that takes 1€/m that I could use their relay server to send mail. But its a pretty corparate one that trys to sell you all kinds so I have so so much trust when i look at them.
Their have not even in the expensive plans a MX backup. Cant I setup a backup mx on my own somehow?

If I understand correctly what I just read somewhere the virtualdomain can just be a subdomain of the main domain and I just need to add it into the /etc/hosts, just like apache virtual hosts. True?

Hey and as a sidenote: I run the bitbucked version on a beaglebone black, i changed the "arml6" from rasberry to the "arml7" or something like that(in config/global) without really knowing if arm = arm, because the BBB has another CPU but looks like it's workine fine.


Re: (DNS) Setup help needed.

redanimalwar wrote:

I used that sub-domain that is actually the mx record for my iRedmail mail setup as root domain. Wrong right?

You point MX record of examplemx.mooo.com to example.mooo.com, and use 'examplemx.mooo.com' as your mail domain name during iRedMail installation, right? if you want your email address to be 'user@examplemx.mooo.com', then it's right.

The simple thing you need to do with iRedMail is:

- Install iRedMail. If no errors, then you should have a working mail server as expected.
- Access httpS://[your_server]/iredadmin/ to add mail domains or mail users.
- Access httpS://[your_server]/mail/ to sen emails and read received mails.

Simple enough?

redanimalwar wrote:

If I understand correctly what I just read somewhere the virtualdomain can just be a subdomain of the main domain and I just need to add it into the /etc/hosts, just like apache virtual hosts. True?

Both mail server and Apache virtual host don't use /etc/hosts at all.

Running and maintaining a mail server requires some knowledges about DNS, mail related protocols like SMTP/POP3/IMAP, and you have to understand the softwares you chose. Personally, if you have just few mail accounts, i suggest using free solution like Google Apps and other alternatives to reduce your workload, and focus on your business.


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Re: (DNS) Setup help needed.

Thanks, I got it running with this config.

During setup:
mail.mydomain.com as first virtual domain

/etc/hosts mx.mydomain.com mail localhost localhost.localdomain


DNS records
mydomain.com       A
mail.mydomain.com  A
mail.mydomain.com  MX   10:mydomain.com
mail.mydomain.com  SPF  "v=spf1 mx mx:mail.mydomain.com -all" 
mail.mydomain.com  TXT  "v=DKIM1; p=BLABLABLABLA...
mx.mydomain.com    A
mx.mydomain.com    MX   10:mydomain.com

I am sure something is still wrong about it but I acually got mail and was able to even send mail.

// I never got this to work
$: amavisd-new testkeys
WARN: running under user '1000' (UID=1000), the config file specifies $daemon_user='amavis' (UID=110)
TESTING#1: dkim._domainkey.mail.mydomain.com => invalid (public key: not available)

Also I would like to know how to setup this to get mails without the subdomain. I mean the "demo" in the guide seems to represent the subdomain for the first virtualhost, i changed that to "mail" but what if dont want any subdomain? put the mydomain.com inside the /etc/hostname, empty it or?