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Topic: cant log into mail ** SOLVED **

hi all
i installed ver 0.5.1 onto centos 5.2
and i had problems with login to my postfixadmin
but i got that problem fix ... i deleted the mysql user and add it again with the password that was in the config file

and thats working fine now for me
but i cant login to my webmail at with any user
postfixadmin / www / and users that i have mail .... just login failed ...

so what am i doing  wrong do
or is there something i can check to

thanks for the help'

ok i worked out what was the problem

it was the vmail user

it couldn't login to mysql with its name
so i deleted it and make the user account again with the same password and settiings now its working

sorry ... but has anyone else has this problem before ... or is it just me ... only

its being a pain in the ass with the two errors ... but so far what i seen its nice and simple to use ... and i hope it will be like that from now on ... smile