Topic: new to ldap

I am a hosting company administrator, all servers in firm are using virtual mailbox in mysql base. Is there any benefit that I change to ldap base? I am very new in ldap, thanks for suggest!


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Re: new to ldap

Just piece of benefits:

  • LDAP provides global address book for your clients.

  • Easy to implement single identify against LDAP auth. It means you can integrate more applications like OpenSSH, SugarCRM, Apache (+mod_auth_ldap), Subversion, OpenFire IM server, FTP, etc.

  • Cluster-ready. (fail-over + load balance with master-slave mode).

  • High scalability. Easy to host thousands of mailboxes on a single server depending upon the server's hardware configuration.

  • High Speed. LDAP lookups are typically much faster than lookups against SQL like RDBMS.