Topic: Multiple dovecot server single storage (NFS/SAN)

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I am implementing a mail system that can use more than one IMAP server. Each IMAP stores the mail including its hostname on the message name e.g.


Now when you connect to imap1.test.com you cannot see mails for imap2.test.com on the mail client. How can i configure to be able to see all mails?

Current config for mail is: mail_location = maildir:/%Lh/Maildir/:INDEX=/%Lh/Maildir/



Re: Multiple dovecot server single storage (NFS/SAN)

*) I don't think the file name of email message matters, Dovecot can recognize the email no matter what its file name is. Neither of your "mail_location =" setting (it's the default one set by iRedMail).

*) What you need to do is storing all mail messages in the same location. For example, mount your NAS sharing as /nas/ on all servers, then use /nas/ to store mailboxes. And mail user on all Dovecot servers must have the same maildir, so that Dovecot can recognize mails added by other Dovecot servers.


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Re: Multiple dovecot server single storage (NFS/SAN)

Thanks. I will do that and revert.