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Am getting an usual behaviour when using the Roundcube with two servers on load balancer. I have gone through and installed all required packages and memcached worked fine with PHP. I can login to roundcube with no problem. But when composing an e-mail the field for From/identities sometimes is filled with a wrong username i.e another username within the system/domain. Looking at roundcube logs (ldap log in roundcube debug) the username is using is for another user that is not me, but the  password is for me. Here is the log:

[06-Nov-2013 19:00:38 +0300]: C: Connect [] [Public Address Book]
[06-Nov-2013 19:00:38 +0300]: S: OK
[06-Nov-2013 19:00:38 +0300]: C: Bind [dn: mail=demo@test.com,ou=Users,domainName=test.com,o=domains,dc=test,dc=com] [pass: xxxxx]
[06-Nov-2013 19:00:38 +0300]: S: Invalid credentials
[06-Nov-2013 19:00:38 +0300]: C: Close

i.e my username is djbahati1 and my password is xxxxx (hidden password for security) but on the Bind is using demo as above.

Any one with an idea will be appreciated.


Re: memcached roundcube

No idea. I think it's better to ask in Roundcube mailing list. http://trac.roundcube.net/wiki/MailingLists


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