Topic: Call for translators: iRedAdmin-1.1.0 translation

hi, all.

As you may know, iRedAdmin-1.1.0 is coming, and we need your help to translate it, so that you can use iRedAdmin in your local language.

PO file is available for download here: http://iredmail.googlecode.com/hg/extra/iredadmin-i18n/

You need to translate items in iredadmin-i18n/iredmail.po for a new language, or edit exist PO files to update them. Save them in UTF-8 and mail them to me (michaelbibby <at> gmail.com).

Big thanks for your contribution. smile


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Re: Call for translators: iRedAdmin-1.1.0 translation

Hi ZhangHuangbin,

send to you the german de_DE version.