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====Hi everyone!

In my job we have 2 email servers over iredmail, one 0.6 version in Centos 5.10 and another with iredadmin 0.1.6 ( i don't know iredmail version) in Centos 6.4, both 32 bits. So, we need buy a migration solution to Centos 5.10. I mean, migrate iredmail over Centos 5.10 to latest iredmail version to another server with centos ( fresh installation ).

Also, we need buy a backup solution to both servers ( if exist ) and we need setup a new email server, if exist backup solution, how we make a restore, or if iredmail staff make the restore?

In conclusion, we need iredmail help us to migrate to new installation an existing mail server and buy backup solution to three servers, but when we need restore one email servers, that all passwords, email, folders, contacts not have changes.

Thank you about info


Re: Migration and buy support

Hi Mauricio,

I sent an email to you for detailed server info, please help check your mailbox and reply me if you have some time.


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Re: Migration and buy support

Thank you I will send email as soon as possible.