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I installed iRedMail a few weeks ago and purchased the Full-Featured Edition last night. Everything seems to be working great, except I have one domain where I just want to use my SMTP to send mail from their web server, but keep the existing third-party mail server to send/receive general email.

The problem is, when I add the domain (e.g. mydomain.com)  in the iRedMail Admin and user (example) and I try to send an email from my SMTP to example@mydomain.com, dovecot captures the message and stores it locally, because it thinks I want to receive emails as well. Emails to a domain other than mydomain.com are sent just fine. I've tried editing the users "Service Control" Settings with a number of different combinations. Just having "Sending mail via SMTP" checked doesn't seem to authenticate the user. When connecting to SMTP, I'm using example@mydomain.com as the username.

Any help or insight would be great.



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Re: SMTP Only Setup

What happened when you send mail from your gmail to this user?


Re: SMTP Only Setup

For the domain in question, I haven't removed the MX records to the third-party server, so from my gmail account, the email goes to the third-party email server, as expected.

When editing the "Service Control" settings and only having "Sending mail via SMTP" checked, I get the following error in my mail logs.

SASL LOGIN authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6


Re: SMTP Only Setup

caseyjones07 wrote:

SASL LOGIN authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6

Maybe caused by an incorrect password, please verify it first.

Can you post the LDIF data of this user with phpLDAPadmin?