Topic: iredadmin adduser problem

Dear All, i have problem when new add user. (iredadmin+openldap)

this error, (False, 'msg=%7B%27desc%27%3A+%27Insufficient+access%27%7D')

how i can solve this problem ?

Thanks, best regards.


Re: iredadmin adduser problem

you can restart machine and add user again.

check whether still have problem.

what OS do you use and iredmail version?


Re: iredadmin adduser problem

tux wrote:

(False, 'msg=%7B%27desc%27%3A+%27Insufficient+access%27%7D')

Which bind dn do you use? it doesn't have 'write' permission to create new objects.

Normal, it shoud be 'cn=vmailadmin,dc=xxx,dc=xxx'.


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