Topic: no postmaster account

Just installed a new install of iRedmail-0.5.1 on centos 5.4 after migrating from another server.
everything works just great the first www@domain.com works perfectly but i can´t logon to the postmaster@domain.com, invalid password.
Checked in mysql and only have www@ under users in roundcubemail DB and no nothing under vmail DB domain_admins, any hints on adding a domain admin for the first virtual domain directly to the mysqlDB?
ps. i have the internal mail with info to www@domain.com for postmaster@domain.com with info on this is your password but! tongue

or am i forgetting anything about the postmaster account, or was that admin on a URL? to late, the bed is calling smile


Re: no postmaster account

Refer to iRedMail-x.y.z/functions/mysql.sh:

/* Add your first domain admin. */
INSERT INTO admin (username,password,created) VALUES ("user@domain.ltd","passwd", NOW());
INSERT INTO domain_admins (username,domain,created) VALUES ("user@domain.ltd","domain.ltd", NOW());

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Re: no postmaster account