Topic: whitelist problem


I haver tried to setup some senders in the whitlist tables of the postfixpolicyd DB of the iRedMail system. But neither the IP address in whitelist nor the sender address in whitelist_sender worked for me. I don't get the e-mail of daily@info.orgenda.de. Has anybody an idea what is wrong or what I have to do to whitelist these e-mails, so that they don't get scanned?



Re: whitelist problem

Have you tried whitelist_dnsname? Have you run greylisting in training mode first? What do you get in the maillog?


Re: whitelist problem

No, I haven't tried whitelist_dnsname right now, but I've entered it now. How can I run greylisting in training mode?
In my maillog /var/log/mail.log is no entry for daily@info.orgenda.de...?!


Re: whitelist problem

If there is no entry in maillog for the e-mail you expect to receive then the problem is of a different nature. Possibly the remote server can't find your server?