Topic: [Story] Philippines, Makati City, MySQL Backend

- Country: Philippines
- State/City: Makati City
- Company: (private company)
- Web Site:
- Backend (OpenLDAP, MySQL, or PostgreSQL): MySQL
- Manage mail accounts with (iRedAdmin-Pro, phpMyAdmin, phpLDAPadmin): iRedAdmin
- Total Users:less than 200
- Basic Hardware info (CPU/RAM/Storage): 2 cores, 2.5 GB RAM and 100GB LVM storage
- Comment/Story/Migration tips:
    I'm sorry I won't be able to disclose our company name and website for security reasons.
I would like to send my gratitude to Zhang and the iRedMail team for creating a great product. We have been using squirrelmail with sendmail before we migrated to iRedMail almost a year ago. iRedMail is very easy to setup and very easy to manage. Although the functions of the free iRedAdmin were limited, it is enough for us to manage the whole email system with 5 different domains.
I haven't had any problems with iRedMail except that I have to customize a few postfix settings for our company and adjusting the attachment size limit.
Overall I'm very happy with iRedMail and I really hope you continue developing your product. I'm quite surprise that somebody made a program to install a complete email server package this easy.
I always recommend iRedMail on forums (ubuntu forums) whenever someone is having trouble setting up a mail server. iRedMail is one of the easiest yet very useful program in the Linux Community.

Thanks a lot Zhang!


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Re: [Story] Philippines, Makati City, MySQL Backend

Thanks very much for your sharing.
It's really happy to hear that your software/work makes customers happy and success. Enjoy. smile