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Topic: roundcube or mysql? (solved)

hi all, have problem with roundcube. i have ru_RU roundcube, but i dont know why when i exporting address book vCard, and importing it via outlook all users names is Никифоров Павел where i can change charset in mysql or where else? all users add in /iredadmin/


Re: roundcube or mysql? (solved)

I tested this today with Roundcube 3.1. The file „rcube_contacts.vcf” appears ok when opened with Notepad (e.g., UTF-8 chars are displayed correctly) and it's encoded as UTF-8 without BOM. Nevertheless they are corrupted when imported in Outlook Express. This seems as an Outlook Express problem?


Re: roundcube or mysql? (solved)

i opened rcube_contacts.vcf with akelpad and resave at standart win, exported correctly. thanks. solved