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I'm almost positive I saw this setting while doing my initial setup, but I'll be damned if i can find it now.

I run a website that creates temporary email addresses for people. My iredmail installation is supporting that.

All emails to my domain hit the catchall and go to one account.   That account pops the emails every 5 seconds and redistributes them.

Right now, in the logs, it is rewriting the final recipient (catachall) instead of keeping the original recipient?

Where can I change that setting?


Email arrives for tempmail1@tempmail.com   I have a catchall for that domain and all mail goes to catchall@tempmail.com

the logs show the email being processed for catchall@tempmail.com and i lost all stats for the original recipient.



Re: Simple question I think

Try below parameter in Postfix (/etc/postfix/main.cf):

enable_original_recipient = yes


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Re: Simple question I think

That's what I was looking for.  Thanks!