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Topic: USA, NY, RBWorks, 50 at the moment


I want to thank you for this wonderful project.

- Country: USA
- State/City: NY
- Company: RBWorks
- Web Site: mail.hostlogiclive.com
- Backend (MySQL or OpenLDAP):MYSQL
- Total Users: 50 at the moment for this server
- Comment/Story/Migration

It is amazing how i can set up a mail server with all that it needs in under 30 minutes (takes more in freebsd due to the compile).

I have installed postfix and qmail on different servers before and it took me ages to configure every application, and this project does that for me instantly.

I don't know at the moment how good the filtering capabilities are only with amavisd, but i will see soon when i will have more users.

Thank you again and keep up the good work smile. I really hope you will take into consideration Mailscanner or ASSP in the future.


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Re: USA, NY, RBWorks, 50 at the moment

Thanks for your sharing smile