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Is there a way i can restrict / alow access to alias?
Lets say i have 3 aliases like this:

1. allexperts@domain.com
    - jack@domain.com
    - jane@domain.com
    - dean@domain.com
2. allservices@domain.com
    - alex@domain.com
    - jake@domain.com
3. news@domain.com
   - all my email users

a) I want to allow sending mail to allexperts@domain.com just from inside (just from my domain) and just jack@domain.com to be able to send mails on alias 1 and 2.
b) Allow alias no 3 to exterior, others can send me news etc, trough this alias.

I don't know if i ask something imposibile or stupid ... i know ezmlm-idx on qmail can make this restrictions by allowing only moderators to send mails to maillists.

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Re: custom aliases access

Thats what is iRedAPD for:

Available access policy levels
There're four default policy rules for mail list:


      Public. Email is unrestricted, which means everyone can mail to this mail list.

      Domain Wide. Email is restricted to users under same domain.

      Members. Email is restricted to list members only.

      Announcement. Email is restricted to moderators only.

http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic602- … ugins.html


Re: custom aliases access

derchris wrote:

Thats what is iRedAPD for:

@derchris's link is for OpenLDAP. and we already improved iRedAPD to support MySQL alias. Some users received my invitation to help test it. And i will release a newer version later for public testing. If you are urgent, you can contact me directly.


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Re: custom aliases access

Well, he didn't say if he is using the LDAP or MySQL backend.
I use LDAP for example.