Topic: [Story] Philippines, Quezon City, LDAP iRedMail Implementation

- Country: Philippines
- State/City: Quezon City
- Company: (Sorry, I won't be able to disclose)
- Web Site: http://
- Backend (OpenLDAP, MySQL, or PostgreSQL): LDAP
- Manage mail accounts with (iRedAdmin-Pro, phpMyAdmin, phpLDAPadmin): phpLDAPadmin
- Total Users: 100 - 300
- Basic Hardware info (CPU/RAM/Storage):  Intel  i7,8GB RAM, 1TB
- Comment/Story/Migration tips:

We are using iRedMail to host our email here in our company. I have intermediate knowledge of Linux and from when I came from (my first company) - we are already using a cloud-based email hosting so when I got here in my new company - they are using this Windows-based Hmail server which my boss is having doubts with and want to migrate to a postfix service the first day I reported. Nay, my sleepless nights because I never really did know how to setup a postfix server, ldap etc.

Fear was building up already because I've been reading Linux + email server configuration is one bloody hellish experience. After a few hours of researching I came upon iRedMail and read really good feedback from other administrators.

The moment I tried it on my development box and got it to work with,of course, a great help from ZhangHuangbin - I managed to set it up within one day. After five days in pilot stage, it is now in production stage.

I am very thankful to the developers of this FANTASTIC product. I already recommended this to one of my Sysad friends who was in the very same position I was who had to build an email server from scratch. iRedMail is very easy to setup you can do it within one hour, seriously! (well you have to know your company infra DNS and firewall etc.) You also have the flexibility to tweak around postfix configs, tweaks LDAP because it also has phpLDAPadmin.

I just had to do config tweaks in postfix for policies and restrictions etc but those are already add-ons. The basic features (which is to host your email), iRedmail provided perfectly. I am also loving iRedAdmin. I'll most probably say hints on upgrading to iRedAmin-Pro to my boss as we go along with using iRedMail since it's just been days.

Just to quote from one of the posters here - "You can pay and buy a software but you cant buy such support." Thank you Zhang for your prompt support and assistance. I and I think all of the members here appreciate and are very thankful for you.

Thanks again for a wonderful product and great support. Keep up the good work! Talented skillful developers like you truly indeed make the world an easier place to live with smile


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Re: [Story] Philippines, Quezon City, LDAP iRedMail Implementation

Thanks for your sharing. smile