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Topic: Easy Way to Migrate Mailing Lists and Aliases from Qmail (Vpopmail)

Does anyone know of an easy way to migrate mailing lists and aliases from ezmlm and vpopmail to iRedMail?

I'm looking at the Vqadmin tool and the QmailAdmin tool but there's nothing I've seen that exports these things in a nice CSV format.  Use of the vpopmail command-line tools seems like the best way but given the fact that I have a several hundred domains to migrate with a LOT of aliases and the fact that I'm no scripting genius, I could use some ideas that will help me work smart and not hard.

Thanks for any help you can give.



Re: Easy Way to Migrate Mailing Lists and Aliases from Qmail (Vpopmail)

When I obtain a list of alias using the valias -s <domain-name> on the command line, they appear in the following format:

jane@alerts.exampe1.com -> &anthonyb@test2.com

and some appear in the form of:

kbryan@dummydomain.com -> /home/vpopmail/domains/dummydomain/kay/Maildir/

Those aliases that point to multiple addresses appear in the form of:

tickets@nonprofit.org -> &user1@telemarketing.com
tickets@nonprofit.org -> &user2g@telemarketing.com
tickets@nonprofit.org -> &differentuser@doortodoorsales.com
(There can be anywhere from 2 to several dozen addresses used for one alias).

Again, thanks for any help you can provide.


Re: Easy Way to Migrate Mailing Lists and Aliases from Qmail (Vpopmail)

Regarding the format of the output produced by the ezmlm-list command, ezmlm-list prints the subscriber list for the mailing list stored in dir, one address per line.

For example:

/usr/local/bin/ezmlm/ezmlm-list /home/vpopmail/domains/testdomain.com/demoalerts/

This is particularly challenging for me because I have several hundred domains to search, which means I'll need to search several hundred subdirectories.  I'll have to run the ezmlm-list command on each of those subdirectories and then export that information in a way that can be converted to an LDIF to be imported into OpenLDAP.

Once again, your help would be GREATLY appreciated.