Topic: iRedAdmin/PRO + iRedMail "OS"

Hello again Michael,

Do you plan to maintain a so called "turn-key" solution for the iRedAdmin PRO version? I mean, some CD image I can download (after paying, of course) for a fresh, complete install of your solution?

Despite being an easy path to upgrade, I just want something that's already tested and I can trust.

We're seriously considering the option of registering a copy of iRedAdmin/PRO and support its development.



Re: iRedAdmin/PRO + iRedMail "OS"

Do you mean iRedOS? http://www.iredmail.org/#iredos

Currently, iRedOS ships iRedAdmin open source edition.


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Re: iRedAdmin/PRO + iRedMail "OS"

Indeed. I may have to burn a complete IRedAdmin/PRO solution (onto something, CD or whatever) if I need to justify its purchase here inside my company.

Some physical material I could attach to my purchase report. Sure, I could just include the IRedAdmin/PRO upgrade to an additional media but that would not be ideal inside a business environment.