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Topic: [Story] Migration from a server in runis to iRedMail.

- Country: Spain
- State/City: Madrid
- Company: Técnicas Territoriales y Urbanas S,L
- Web Site: http://ttu.es
- Backend: MySQL
- Manage mail accounts with: iRedAdmin-Pro
- Total Users: Aprox 60, but almost 200 accounts.
- Basic Hardware info (CPU/RAM/Storage): Intel Core i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40GHz. XEN Using 2 VCores, 4GB RAM and 375GB of storage
- Comment/Story/Migration tips:

Before use iRedMail and iRedAdmin-Pro, my company had an old server with postfix and a python script to manage postfix.  The only features of this system were mailboxes and alias and of couse the server wasn't secure enough. Now with iRedMail and iRedAdmin-Pro we have all same features with a lot of extras and more secure than old server.
I've to say that forum responses are fast and help to fix the problem.

Migration tips:
- Create all domains in new server, then create an user and an alias to investigate the sql structure.
- Extract the old server user and alias list and create an script to generate sql transactions with that list.
- In my case i had to migrate old postfix server with "domain/user" structure to new "domain/u/s/e/user-2014." structure. This can be done with a bash script whith ls, cut, find, and rsync or mv.



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Re: [Story] Migration from a server in runis to iRedMail.

Thanks for sharing. smile