Topic: Prefered way to migrate existing LDAP to iRedMail?

We currently use LDAP to authenticate all of our users mail, windows logins (via samba), and a few other things. We have approximately 165 users that would need to be migrated to the iRedMail LDAP if we were to use it. I have created a backup.ldif of my current LDAP and have tried, unsuccessfully, to import it into the iRedMail system. What is the preferred way to import existing users into iRedMail? Is there a writeup on how to do this? I am learning LDAP and would appreciate any and all assistance with this portion.

The system I am using is CentOS 5.4 with iRedMail installed. The existing system it is replacing is a Fedora 11 machine running openldap-2.4.15-7.fc11.x86_64.


Re: Prefered way to migrate existing LDAP to iRedMail?

The point is you should know which attributes you are using in your existing mail server, and what's the attribute name in iRedMail. Post sample LDIF data of your account here is better, so that others can help you. (HIDE sensitive information before post)

Reference: iRedMail-x.y.z/tools/create_mail_user_OpenLDAP.*


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