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Topic: Hongkong, 8000+ users, fail-over clustered iRedMail + iRedAdmin-Pro.

  • Country: HK with more than 6 countries and most China area

  • State/City:

  • Company:

  • Web Site:

  • Backend (MySQL or OpenLDAP): OpenLDAP

  • Total Users: 8000+

  • Comment/Story/Migration tips:

Purchased the licenses and services on Infrastructure with 2 servers, use external storage as shared storage, Red Hat Cluster Suite enabled for fail-over cluster, iRedMail and iRedAdmin-Pro with 64 bit environment on the project.

Purchased remote installation and cluster setup support from iRedMail team, thanks ZhangHuangbin for the setup, configuration , performance tuning and complete the tasks with a very tight schedule.

Performance fine tuning is required and the services are running smooth.

Hardware information for your reference:
- 2 Servers with Quad Core and 12G ram per-machine.
- External storage as shared storage for cluster environment (Recommended DAS, ISCSI SAN or FC SAN)


Spider Email Archiver: On-Premises, lightweight email archiving software developed by iRedMail team. Supports Amazon S3 compatible storage and custom branding.


Re: Hongkong, 8000+ users, fail-over clustered iRedMail + iRedAdmin-Pro.

Congrats bro....:)