Topic: Mail relay

Hi Zhang,

in this article : http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic334- … ution.html

you mention "To let postfix know this, you have to set 'domainBackupMX=yes' of your mail domain in LDAP."

My question is... how to do it? where I must put 'domainBackupMX=yes'? in what file?

also with this "c) Set proper 'mtaTransport' of your mail domain in LDAP"

in which file I must set proper 'mtaTransport' ?



Re: Mail relay

domainBackupMX and mtaTransport are LDAP attributes names, that means you should add/modify them of LDAP objects.

For example, domainBackupMX, you can log into phpLDAPadmin, expand LDAP tree in left panel and click domainName=xxx, click 'Add new attribute' in right panel.


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