Topic: How to set whitelist?

Tanks to creators of iRedMail! Server is working at my firma yet!
And now I must to set whitelists of senders and recipients. How can I do it? May be, somewhere in configs or in tables of mysql? My server`s on OpenLDAP, and I found tables of whitelists in phpmyadmin, but don`t now, how can I write in them, using email addresses of senders or recipients.
Yours respectfully,
Andrey Yamangulov, Russia.


Re: How to set whitelist?

I tryed today set whitelisting with adding to smtpd_sender_restrictions "check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/whitelist. But after it post stopped deliver at all. In mail.log and mail.err nothing. Help me, please.


Re: How to set whitelist?

iRedMail provides whitelist with Policyd - a postfix policy daemon. Here is tutorial:

iRedAdmin-Pro will implement white/blacklist management later.


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