Topic: Where's Domain-Alias in PostfixAdmin?

Hey there,

just upgraded to iRedMail-0.6.0 via the Upgrade Guide but unfortunately I can't find a domain alias-option in the webinterface of postfixadmin.
according to the webinterface everything went well (it's 2.3) but I can't find an option to add a domain alias neither i can access the create-alias-domain.php even though it exists. I just get redirected to main.php.
I'm logged in as super-admin, so there shouldn't be unsufficient rights.


Re: Where's Domain-Alias in PostfixAdmin?

Seems like i found out why there's no domain-alias option. I copied the old config like on the upgrade-tutorial described but that's wrong. you need some additional options from the standard 2.3 config (config.local.php).