Topic: Delete Mail User


I'm running iRedMail-0.5.0-rc1 with MySQL backend.

I've created a bunch of users using the create_mail_user_MySQL.sh script and these have all dropped in nicely.  One slight problem, it turns out I put a typo in one of the user names.

How can I delete the mailbox with the typo in the username?

I've tried to delete the offending mailbox via postfix.admin website, but I receive the error:

"Unable to delete the entry typouser@mydomain.com (physical mail)!"

Any ideas?


Re: Delete Mail User

This is an design issue of postfixadmin.

You must have the same user in table 'alias' and 'mailbox', otherwise postfixadmin can't delete it.

That's strange, and i don't know why it design this logic.


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Re: Delete Mail User

Username must have in table 'alias' and 'mailbox'.
You create file user and use file create_mail_user_MySQL.sh. When import it then import alias.
You will delete user.