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I have some feature requests that I am willing to pay a bounty for completion.
1. If you have ported this to FreeBSD, how much harder would it be to port to NetBSD?
The reason I ask is that RHEL/CentOS is not officially supporting Xen paravirt domU in version 6
I realize that debian is still an option, but I find that NetBSD is probably one of the most flexible platforms/OS's to use
2. How about an integrated log viewer into iredadmin pro? Have it so you can switch log level types on the fly (INFO, DEBUG, CRITICAL, etc.) as well viewing logs for each individual aspect of the system that is critical i.e.
  a. clamav
  b. amavis
  c. smtpd
  d. imapd
  e. webmail
3. Integration of a calendering/groupware system. This isn't super essential if you know how to properly configure openldap and kerebos, but as I figure most of us choose iredmail because we are being pulled thing as it is being admins, this would make a lot of our lives easier. Especially if we made it a simple binding mechanism so that we can post in the wiki howto bind for gcal, thunderbird, evolution, outlook, and ical.


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Also, if you were able to port the install script to pkgsrc (NetBSD's package source management), you would then have the basis for a universal installer on POSIX systems.


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It should be easier to port iRedMail to NetBSD, since i was a NetBSD user before. (Yes, i used Net/Free/OpenBSD before, and i'm a big fan of OpenBSD, my favourite OS.)

And pkgsrc is released quarterly, easier to handle than FreeBSD ports tree - it changes every day, and iredmail has to follow it now, it made me crazy... So, NetBSD is better to port due to its stable pkgsrc tree.

The point is, How many users use NetBSD as server system? I have to think about this, because supporting one more OS will bring me more workflow, and iRedMail is my part-time job now, i have to balance my full-time job + my family + iRedMail, without donation.

iRedMail supports major linux distributioms (for server) and FreeBSD (major server os in BSD family) now, and i have to stop supporting more OS before we have a good admin panel. I hope i will have time to port it to NetBSD (and SuSE) in early 2011. If you want to make it happen earlier, mail me and tell me how much you want to pay for it, it will take me about 1 month now, but it depends.


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2. How about an integrated log viewer into iredadmin pro?

It's great to have one, but not now. not on my to-do list yet. i'm sorry.


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3. Integration of a calendering/groupware system.

User contributed iRedMail + SOGo integration document here, you can try it:
http://iredmail.org/faq.html (search sogo)


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Thanks Zhang. I understand all of these issues. Perhaps this would be the time to enterprise or expand? I am a better sysadmin then a programmer, unfortunately, at this time. Therefore, as I would like to contribute to this project, I don't feel my programming skills would come in useful. I could help with the pkgsrc integration though. I will set a bounty of $100 for the integrated log viewer. If anyone else cares to raise the bounty, that will be appreciated.

You mentioned that openbsd is your favorite OS. As much as I like OpenBSD, it is probably the farthest away Open Source OS to support xen, even in hvm mode (some weird kernel timing errors, though I have not tried 4.7). The reason I like this project so much is that it is also increadibly easy to have this run redundant, High-Availability, servers for e-mail across locations.

I am also setting a bounty of $25 for documentation and howto for binding the openldap system within iredmail. I would like to cut out multiple ldap servers and just use this one for authentication. Thank You smile